Nov 03, 2022 · Note that TypeScript treats null and undefined differently in order to match JavaScript semantics. string | null is a different type than string | undefined and string | undefined | null. From TypeScript 3.7 and onwards, you can use optional chaining to simplify working with nullable types. Optional parameters and properties. "/>
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Create a new file in your root directory with that file name, and type this: Json { "compilerOptions": { "target": "es5", "sourceMap": true }, "include": [ "**/*.ts" ] } This tells TypeScript which files it should try to compile and which
Provide a list of related PRs (if any) Command used to generate this PR:**(Applicable only to SDK release request PRs) Checklists Added impacted package name to the issue description Does this PR needs any fixes in the SDK Generator?** (If so, create an Issue in the Autorest/typescript repository and link it here) Added a changelog (if necessary)
TypeScript provides handy built-in utilities that help to manipulate types easily. To use them, you need to pass into the <> the type you want to transform. Partial Partial<T> Partial allows you to make all properties of the type T optional. It will add a ? mark next to every field.
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